The Story Of Your Life?

You are the author of your story. Each thought a pen stroke. How will each chapter unfold?

A thought hit me hard before I headed out to New Orleans and I waited for the perfect time while we were on the plane to ask my dear friend this question. Since we were headed to a place neither one had ever been, and no one knew us we truly could be anyone we wanted and I asked her this, "If your story could be anything while we are in New Orleans what story would you tell." You know the question everyone asks first...What do you do? Followed by where are you visiting from, and so on down the line. We had a chance to role play our dreams and visions. Speak as IF...they were already happening. 

What would your answer be? What story would you tell? Would it be the one you are creating now?

I realized I was in the thick of the story of my dreams. The part I was living into was dreaming about what's coming next. A bit further into my journey when more of my seeds have bloomed. There was a sigh of relief on my part and an urging to keep up the momentum of creation. To keep speaking as if. 



Ayesha Comment