Wants vs Needs?

Is it more of knowing what you want or more of knowing what you need?

What you want...as we know...may not be what you need. 

And what you need...may not be what you want.

Reading and hearing "once a person knows what they want", in regards to majority of things in life, "that is the key". 

However, those things may be insufficient to your growth. They may block the delivery of what you really need. 

There's an awesome read on The Difference Between a Want and a Need  HERE , in regards to relationships and can be applied to life in general.

Webster’s defines a need as “something that a person must have: something that is needed in order to live, or succeed, or be happy.” A need is something that is essential and very important to live a healthy and satisfied life. For years psychology has been trying to determine what these essential needs really are.

What are your thoughts on the difference between wants and needs?

Shanda FergusonComment