ODE to the Spiritual Misfits

You know who you are. Light workin', take no shit, worship where you like ones. You are spiritual misfits and you are proud! 

You know you are here to experience it all and you make no apologies for that...at least not anymore! 

When you fall down, or a make a mistake. You dust yourself off, without self loathing, and chalk it up to experience and growth.

Your acknowledge that your body is indeed your temple... for pleasure, intuition, and experience. 

Namaste is a visceral experience...you bow before your fellow man, God, Goddesses, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Haile Selassie, and the person you pay for gas. You see the light in everything.

To you nature is a living thing as you treat HER as such.

You love hard. You love fiercely. Your prized possessions are relationships.

You are passionate and you paint the canvas with all of your colors.

You create worlds wherever you go.

You are the spiritual misfits of the world and I fucking love you!





Ayesha Comment