things i love.

Moon gazers make my heart swell. I love the energy. The way I feel bigger in myself when I leave. The friendships I have formed. The group has become one of the things I love and look forward to. Last week we did an exercise of free writing some things that make each one of us happy...things we love. So take out a piece of paper and listen to at least one song you love. During the song, write without using your head, simply tap into things that bring you joy, things you love. During last weeks new moon gathering I did not do the actual activity since I was leading out. But I wanted to challenge you, everyone who is reading this, to participate as well. Here is my list.

  • the sound of luna snoring (luna is a dog)
  • my morning commute (i pray, set intentions, and jam out to music)
  • mens ankles
  • dark chocolate with tart cherries
  • potty humor
  • gaiam tv
  • awkward moments
  • love letters
  • small thoughtful gifts
  • time alone
  • the sound of an old typewriter or polaroid
  • holding hands
  • dirt on my feet
  • not wearing a bra and feeling fabulous and womanly
  • accents
  • feisty people
  • radical honesty
  • perfect sequences in yoga
  • dusk
  • reminiscing 
  • taking up space
  • being in a new city
  • my long hands & fingers that look like my mothers hands
  • freckles


Make a point to add to your list. Especially when you get into any negative loop, just recall something on the list. After all a miracle is simply a shift in thinking! 



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