Post Digital Detox Musings

Dear Friends,

You would be amazed at the spaciousness that opens up when you disconnect from your devices. You would be astonished about how when you use a nickname you can finally do those things you were scared to do with your birth name like sing, dance, and talk to strangers. Would you be surprised to know that when you don't talk about what you do for a living you feel naked and vulnerable? Connection is something we all crave. Real connection. Not something you do behind a screen. When we are given the change to actually have it, shit gets real. Real fun, real crazy, real weird, and real emotional. After spending another week in the woods with new and old friends I have come back to my life a new version of myself. A new version that was called Juicy Fruit or Juicy in the hills of North Carolina. A new version committed to living out more adventures. A new version who has a real alarm clock. A new version who sits down and writes letters. A new version who believes even more in magic. The next digital detox is in Austin, Texas. It looks flippin' phenomenal. Even if you can't make that camp, what can you do today to create more spaciousness, connection, and adventure in your life? Please do share!



Ayesha Comment