F*%$ the critics!

I'm like fuck critics, you can kiss my whole asshole! Jay Z (99 problems)

Brene Brown says, (yes I'm going from a Jay Z quote to a Brene Brown musing. wait for it...) If you aren't in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I'm not interested in your feedback. Two immensely wise and self aware souls arrived at the same place that I find myself arriving in.

You put yourself out there and decide to start that book club, or new eating plan, or you started that blog that you have been thinking about doing for year. And you feel great you are meeting new people at the book club, or really enjoying all the options of a plant based lifestyle, or you have gotten some good feedback on your blog. And inevitably this happens. Or something kinda like it.

You find out someone is criticizing the name of your book club, or a relative starts dissing the plants you eat, or you get a negative comment or a thumbs down on a video you released. 

Uggh. It's the pits. Do you defend yourself? Do you "FIGHT" back and say something crappy about them? I have recently thought a lot about this and taken an inventory of the critics or haters. They often sit in a place of inactivity and criticize what you have taken a leap to create. I think that's where the haters ganna hate or they are just jealous explanations come from. 

So I say fuck em! "Return to sender with consciousness" is a new way/mantra I have been repeating to let anything go that is not my own.

I believe that when you begin to create your life and not just sit back and judge how others are creating their own, or take a backseat to your own inner critique... You would see what heart it takes to do anything outside of the norm. You won't have a second, even though you are in the arena also getting your ass  kicked, to do anything put pat the person on the back and say, "Amazing job! Keep shining."


Ayesha Comment