The Big 9 for 2016

*except from "According to numerology, we’re entering the Universal Year of 9.  In this study of the energy of numbers and how they’re reflected in the universe, the 9 is a year of lightening up life in every way possible. Emotionally lighter, energetically lighter…

Universal Year Number: The Universal Year number is the collective energy of our planet and as a result the energy we will all be operating under in the new year. To understand it more clearly, if you were in a play, it would be the background behind which you operate and act.

You can calculate the Universal year number by taking the digits of the year in question. For example, using 2016, you would add each digit together to reduce it to a single digit. In this example of our upcoming year, you would add, (2+0+1+6) and that would equal 9.

When ringing in the New Year, we will be embracing the energy of the 9 Universal year!

What does the 9 Universal Year mean:

The number 9 is the end of the Universal Year Cycle, which signifies the beginning of a new cycle. The number 9 symbolizes harmony, humanitarianism and self-less actions. This is a time to “clean your slate”, and prepare for the upcoming year, where you will begin to start the cycle again…brand new.  It’s a perfect time to get rid of grudges towards others, get rid of things you don’t use or need and rid yourself of negative energy in your surroundings.


The BIG 9

  1. The planet & Universe need DO-ER'S! By all means keep learning but NOW is time regardless of how you feel to MOVE IN ACTION! If you are passionate about everyone having access to organic food. Build a small pallet stand and share and eat the produce. Every action builds on the whole. If we all did one thing ; everything would change.
  2. Cry dammit! A collective release of our old operating system is needed in order to upgrade to the frequencies that are possible in the 9 year. That means not overly processing things yet feeling our pain and allowing the alchemy of life to change it into something else. Our job is not to judge how we feel, or to think about it using our brains, it really just demands to be felt. Creating healthy ways to release are also in order.
  3. A buffet of self love! How do I love myself? Let me count the ways. The basis of creating consciously from a place of love and not fear is much easier when you have the firm foundation of self love. (Stay tuned for a blog post coming on my buffet of self love)
  4. Forgive Yourself! You have done the best job at every twist and turn. You probably thought I was going to say forgive the asshole guy who broke your heart. Yeah probably ; but you first. You can't "find" or "give" something that you have not first given yourself. Just let it all go. No matter what it was. If you feel the needs to make amends do so and move on. 
  5. Ask yourself where can I joyfully serve? The energy of the number 9 has a humanitarian feel. Where can you give you skills to make the planet better. When thinking of my skills and the things I love to do I plan to give a tithe of my time doing creative things for organizations who are making the planet better for all of us. We must all do the same this year. I think the key is finding something that you feel good about giving. It can be your time, money, wealth of knowledge, graphic design skills, photography, manual labor, etc. Nothing is too small of a gift. 
  6. Choose your highest joy moment to moment. Let go of negativity. Negativity NEGATES the truth of who we are. We are expansive, limitless, amazing, loving creatures. When we act or think out of accordance with this divine principle that is when we "feel" negative emotions. Let go of people, places, things, and most of all THOUGHTS and watch our planet shift.
  7. Romance! Romance is defined as, "a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and intrigue from love AND everyday life. Romance is a theme associated with 9. What if we all just romanced our damn selves and watched as the mirror of life gave us more and more of what we give ourselves. What if we romanced our friends, pets, and strangers a like. One challenge I am giving myself is to spend a day in bed with a friend. Why is this only relegated to lovers? It's not anymore!!!
  8. Your soul is constantly sending you messages. I can hear the ancient untouched divine constant part of myself the loudest when I am the quietest. So let's all give ourselves the gift of yoga, dance, a brisk walk in the morning, or meditation. Whatever you do that brings a stillness of mind. 
  9. Free to be me! Freedom is a key theme in the energy of 9. What if suddenly we all decided to put down whatever masks we wear to be accepted. What if we wore only the clothes we wanted to? What if we talked freely about our hearts desires or things we love without fear of shame or not fitting it? What if we were free to be just ourselves? WE ARE! I know this probably divides us into two categories of people and thoughts. One group is probably thinking I AM doing this...but what would it look like if you did it more? There are always places to evolve and fun work to be done. The second group may just be starting this process. What would feel like such a relief to no longer have to do? Start there and move outward accordingly. 


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