reimagining death

death reimagined : a change of state. a birth back into remembering. whole. complete. natural. 


The image above is of the death of a star. It's beautiful isn't it? A quick google search of the word death and you get a page that scares even me. (Side note: I'm a Scorpio who does not scare easy and even takes a liking or curiosity about the shadowy things in life) It's time to reimagine death.

I have been given the blessed chance to see my Mom through her birth back into being and her departure from the world as we "know it". I am currently in the process of being by my sweet dog Luna's side as she slows down and arrives at her blessed day of transformation. 

It has given me great opportunities to be sad, and contemplate, and go into fear, and come back to a really sweet place where I have reimagined this process for myself. 

The beauty of life is contained in all of it's cycles. If we look at the life cycle of a tree for instance. It has every element of the heroine's or hero's journey all contained in a tiny seed. The seed overcomes every adversity of the elements and against all odds becomes a small seedling. Over the years it grows and watches people grow around it. Has relationships and offers it's sweet life giving essence as well as takes and uses what it needs to stay alive. Then the day comes when the tree is up rooted from a giant storm and life as the tree has "known it" changes forever. It now becomes a home to a million other things. Food for some. Shelter for others. It has a new life cycle that has been born. 

My spiritual belief matches the story of the tree, and regardless of what you believe about what happens after something "dies" how can you reimagine how you react or what you do indeed believe?

I imagine a world where from the time we are born death is talked about like a natural part of the cycle of life. it is not something to fear but to accept as we live fully in the now. What if we talked about fears we might carry or told of the many near death experiences where the only thing to report is a complete feeling of love like never experienced before? 

For me starting to reimagine something through the current lens of my spiritual beliefs has given me much relief as I get ready to say goodbye to a big part of my life I have lived with an animal companion. I am creating new neural pathways in my brain that lead me much quicker to this point. Death is a part of life, and probably a more beautiful one that anything we have EVER experienced on this plane of existence. 

One less thing to fear. I'll say YES to that life. The perfect books to reimagine the change is Jonathan Livingston Seagull or The Little Soul and The Sun.

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