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Define Self Love in a Tweet

You are the most precious & powerful resource on the planet. Act like it!

Why love yourself?

To me it's a matter of understanding, even if it's just a glimpse, into the amazing, powerful, all encompassing love that created me and I am also a part of. When I am in connection with this there need not be a word called self love, because I am in the remembering of it all. It therefore is a natural state. For all the times I forget so I can have the joy of remembering all over again. That is why. That is why self love is the foundation by which all other practices are built. 

Favorite Self Love Rituals?

I'm a big fan of an orgasm. Yes, orgasms for self love. It's really just getting to know the intelligence and beauty of the body. The body is our subconscious mind. We can know where we are holding false beliefs when we practice care for the body. It will shows us... my favorite ways to listen are self pleasure, taking a bath...I am obsessed with hot tea baths. I blend my favorite herbs or just some Epsom salt and soak. Also free writing, hot tea with a friend (Nettles and Oatstraw are my jam), yoga, and moisturizing. For soooo long I forgot my skin. I see the dismay... I'm a black chick who rarely moisturizes. I know I've really taken time when I get a bottle of coconut oil out and slather it on my entire body, not just my hair. Anything that takes you out of your normal realm of care...which is probably an automated thing you do... like brushing teeth, showering, flossing, etc. It requires a new part of yourself to slow down and take the time. It always feels like being romanced by your beloved when I take my time, with myself!

If self love can be found in all things. Which of these items best describes how you feel about it currently? 

  1. Marvin Gaye gentle playing on Vinyl
  2. A glance from your beloved
  3. The exhilaration of traveling to a new place
  4. Warm dutch apple pie
  5. A well worn copy of your favorite book
  6. Passing someone in a crowd that smells like your favorite person
  7. Other:

It feels like finding a $20 dollar bill in the morning, hearing a song that makes you FEEL alive (yes if it's vinyl that feeling increases for me), a friend bringing pie to share, and giving yourself something that always makes you feel better. Yes, it's like remembering you love something or someone. It dawns on you and you can't really fathom how you forgot!

Rate your self love practice on a scale of 1-10. Share a tip that would take your practice to the next level.

Ohh, goodness. 5! The number 5 is all about change. I know I can give myself so much more. My tip from my older wiser self is create the time & create rituals and reminders that feel good. This is my older wiser self talking directly to me, "By the time most of you beautiful women reach the age of 7 you think something could be better about yourself. You don't see yourself like others or even I do. The way you move, the way you give of yourself and love. It's breathtaking. Give yourself some credit. Treat yo'self! And create... creation is always the answer." 


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