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Define Self Love in a Tweet

Self love TO ME is looking in the mirror being proud of that person looking back at you. That dirty loving, loud singing, ugly crying (because let's be honest beautiful crying is something very few of us perfect) fun seeking YOU. Self love is walking away from people, places and situations that try to tear you down and walking towards all that builds you up. Self love is KNOWING how you need to be loved and holding out until you get it because you are far too perfect to be loved any other way. 

Why love yourself?

Life is a series of choices, I choose love and happiness. The energy you put out will attract that same energy like a heat seeking missile. The beauty of life is everyone has a tribe, you just need to find it. So instead of pointing out what you don't like about other people, you can be surrounded with people you cannot imagine life without because they just love you so damn much.

Favorite Self Love Rituals?

I love singing loud and dancing (especially with my kids) and laughing, lots of laughing. Life can really bring you down but if your home is sacred and your friends solid, you will feel supported and able to deal with the bumps in the road.

If self love can be found in all things. Which of these items best describes how you feel about it currently? 

  1. Marvin Gaye gentle playing on Vinyl
  2. A glance from your beloved
  3. The exhilaration of traveling to a new place
  4. Warm dutch apple pie
  5. A well worn copy of your favorite book
  6. Passing someone in a crowd that smells like your favorite person
  7. Other:

Yes! Smells of a dear love, and cooking for friends and sharing. Sharing yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your fears with those that genuinely care. That's the most self loving thing you can do, reserve your time for those truly appreciate it.

Share a tip that would take your practice to the next level.

Always remember to feel. Feel love, feel sorrow, feel sexy, feel it all. Repression is an ugly monster.

Why TGM wanted you to meet Amhalise. 

Amhalise is the essence of quiet POWER. Everything she touches drips with life! We are constantly inspired by your vibration!

In love...just like we are! 

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