Strong Women // Mantra Mag

This is Mantra Mag. I am on page 57 sandwiched between some pretty fucking amazing people! I feel honored, excited, and compelled to tell my story along with the other strong women featured. (So I created my own feature.)

What have you been called?

Judgement thrives when flow has ceased. That is a principal that helps these labels that we have been called or that we call ourselves sting way less. If you see yourself as a healer or have a desire to help the planet...YOU WILL BE LABELED. It's important for me to cultivate labels that I'm into. (Current Favs: Connector, Creator, Unfuckablewith) So when someone else has one to throw into the won't stick because mine are indelibly and invisibly tattooed. Negative labels really are the small mind being in fear. When we inhabit the biggest part of ourselves we become like Goddesses and God's and the "labels" feel really apropos for those titles.