Public Service Announcement: New Name Alert!

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

5 of the best words, if you ask me? 

The idea that we are ever evolving, that we will be several different people within the span of a lifetime really appeals to me. It always has. I scan back over my life in a slow meticulous fashion often, but especially so around my birthday. This year on my birthday I had a secret to share.

My new name. Ayesha Ophelia.  

My mom's middle name was Ophelia. I didn't get how awesome that name was until my mom was no longer alive. But the depth of the name came pressing into my life shortly after she transitioned. I wanted to name everything after her. A business. My next animal...etc, etc. Until I realized slowly and then all at once...I would take her middle name as my last name.

The name came at the perfect time.

I myself was going through a giant transition. More accurately, many transitions - and all at once! I for the first time really looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself...and I loved it, and it scared the shit out of me - and I hated it all at once. 

But great change always brings great gifts. I KNOW that now more than ever. I was being molded into this new person, this new name...that embodies all the lessons, heartache, laughter, pain, joy, sweat, blood, tears, and growth over the last 14 years.

Rebirth is painful but fucking essential!  

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