Since last week my re-introduction. I thought it fitting to just come here and say these 5 words.


But this year has taken me like a little rag doll in the mouth of some designer dog and jostled me gently and not so gently. It was time for another wake up. For more of the illusion to fade. It required inner resources I didn't know I had. Words that seemed to come from nowhere, and ultimately time.

So here I am popping my heap once again. Heart forward and ready to again be of service for the whole. In the time I was away I was doing a lot of shedding (which I will share some of really soon) and CREATING. The old made way for a lot of brand new ideas of how to radically serve women and men who are eager for transformation and more illusion to fade in their own lives. Guess what happens when illusion fades? You get to access more of your super powers. 

So stayed for (teaser) a brand new look over at TGM, an updated manifesto, some new programs, a retreat, and more. 

Thanks for hanging in there with us!


Ayesha Comment