end of a chapter.

We are all just walking each other home. 

When I see this quote I think of all the people who have walked me home at different times in my life. I remember my best friend when I was 11 years old. We were the only black girls at a totally white school. We bonded over our love of R&B, our mutual crush Mikey, and our shared experience as outsiders even amongst friends. Then my best friend in high school was a fun loving odd bird who drove a vintage car and would do anything for a laugh. She taught me about rebellion and being yourself. As I grew each friend opened a world inside of me and walked me home once again to myself.

When me and Shanda began this journey together about 3 years ago we were walking each other home to future version of ourselves. We rode the waves of creation together, the sparks that friends create as they grow, shift, and change. We did all of it with communication, grace, and understanding. Was every step easy. Far from it. Is anything worth while ever easy? But we did it hand in hand. This Fall we decided to end our walk together with TGM. We had both seen it as far as it could go together. At least with the agreements we had in place when I invited Shanda to go on this adventure in creation and sisterhood with me. What I know for sure is that I could not have done it without the help of Shanda. That we both agreed it was time for a shift. Shanda handed me back the TGM torch and onward I march. Bigger, bolder, brighter, and ready to serve the sisterhood.

You will notice a makeover to the site in 2017 to reflect this change. The language will stay as WE because we did build a sisterhood of hundreds of women. Many of who have hand written letters and sent emails letting us know that they are touched by the space we have created. What more could we ask for? It's not the end of the road for our sisterhood or Shanda appearing on the blog or in person at one of gatherings next year. When a chapter ends, a new one starts.


Ayesha Ophelia


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