Comparison & Inspiration (are kissing cousins!)

Yes, comparing yourself to another person SUCKS. 

But if you stop and hold your attention on the comparison the EGO, the fear, the false self, the smaller version of your life has won and you are treading water with hungry sharks. Hungry rainbow sharks who apparently shit rainbows!


However comparison can easily turn into inspiration when you realize how closely related they are. I did name this blog with the highly evolved title that included "kissing cousins". 

Let me further explain a few ways in which I use comparisons to fuel my own inner fire. 

1. Just like me. Anytime you compare yourself to another use these three words right after your statement. "I love Beyonce's new video, she SLAYS, JUST LIKE ME."

2. What you see out there is often an inner state that lies dormant. What you are are drawn to in others is a call to action.

3. As inspiration. If another is a little further along on their journey and you wish you were at that point. Celebrate the person & the distance between where you are and where you want to be! This always feels better than just stopping at the comparison.

So back to those shark infested waters. You are almost in the clear. Elevate your thoughts & your actual brain chemistry changes! Flipping the script on once thought of as negative comparisons will have you sucker punching sharks and back onto a sunny beach being your amazing fabulous self! Who will also surely inspire others through their own comparisons!





Ayesha Comment