It's time to up the ENERGETIC anti!

I recently came across an article about energetic resonance.  It said that *Science can measure the amount of energy that is being emitted & radiates on the outside of your body. Essentially they can measure your "sphere of influence". Those who had a meditation practice and spent time doing mindfullness activities had an energetic field of 20 feet or more while others had 1-2 feet of measurable energy.

So my question is: Which would you rather have and what does the planet require?

I believe, it has now become a biological imperative that we all live lives we are on fire about. Lives that extended that sphere of love and influence 20+ feet around. It is no longer just a nice thing to do to spend silent/meditation time listening to the ancient wise part of yourself. It is required to extend or influence your energy to more and more people. 

So what do people with a big sphere of influence have in common?

  1. Habits for success which almost always include some type of "spiritual" exercise. Yoga, meditation, dance, rock climbing... It don't matter as long as you shut off your thinking brain and get into your intuition and heart.
  2. They "make a living" being themselves and sharing their hearts calling. Oprah, Steve Jobs, Beyonce, the woman who runs the non profit, and the yoga studio owner. They all followed a red thread of desire and are influencing a large amount of people.
  3. They got their money game right. I know this one may push a few buttons. Believe me MINE IS FULLY PUSHED at this moment too but... We have seen what men in power with money can do. Now it's time to play full on and use your money as an influencer. Does this mean that your bank account needs to have at least five zeros behind a number. No! But it may! It just means that what money you do have you use it to vote. You vote for what matters to you. You vote for organic food. Local farmers. Small businesses. Maybe small women owned businesses. 
  4. They decided that their fear would not keep them playing small. They decided to take a leap. They left the lives they knew and headed for something bigger. This is without a doubt required to increase your sphere. 
  5. Rejection! Redirects! Failure! All just words for how bad do you want it? Those who influence people are committed to staying the course no matter what obstacles may appear. Often I find at each bump in the road. It is the ego or smaller mind making a pebble look like an impassible rock. Will you call it's bluff and keep walking?
Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. + Albert Einstein

Now is the time! We are all depending on each other to up the energetic anti!

*Since Science is light years behind what we already intuitively know. We have seen people in their zone of genius affect millions all over the world. When you are on fire and in your truth your positive influence affects the entire cosmos!

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