Get in Formation and SLAY!

Even when it LOOKS like time is up and maybe it's time to move to the next thing....if it's still a dream, if there's still more in you that you want to give...Never give up! When the blessings flow and favor is given towards that dream....then it may not be the time to give up. When everything is working out, even at the last minute. Stand still, meditate, make a plan, write it out, give it one more strong try.  Be fearless and give it your all dammit! Don't let this opportunity pass you by, give it 200%. This may be the last opportunity for this dream of yours. The way you've been approaching it and other things obviously hasn't STOP holding back, STOP procrastinating and give up the fear! You've let those things hold you hostage long the yourself ...the best you yet! Show your self what you're capable of. Stand in Power, Get in Formation and SLAY!!

You ready? Lets Go!!

Shanda xo