The Magic of Life (otherwise known as synchronicity)

Synchronicity is the basis of life as we know it.

How else can you explain those BIG moments of getting how something could have possible worked out the way it did. We often think If I had done one thing different I wouldn't have been here today to experience ________. What was fueling those big moments? Other than a bunch of other small moments. Without each of those small decisions about what to wear, or where to go, or who to talk to we wouldn't get our skirts blown up by those BIG AHA moments. All of this to say... I recently found Matt Kahn's work again. I "stumbled" upon on it a while ago... well who know's when, because in my mind it was just a little moment. 

But when I opened up an email a few days ago and saw a familiar face. This time it all clicked in and I have been listening to his wisdom resonate so deeply with my heart the last few days. These are my favorite videos. Enjoy! Maybe it will feel like a big moment for someone else, too.

Ayesha Comment