The Prosperous Pomegranate

The Prosperous Pomegranate Parable

Last night during the full moon + lunar eclipse I went with a sweet friend on a beautiful hike at the Blue Hole to be near the water and spend some time outside connecting more with the energies of mama moon. The hike required us to traverse across some rocks and water to cross to the other side of the path. As we were finding our perfect spot to cross we passed a few other people and said a quick hello, although we decided to opt for a place further up stream so I wouldn't have to get my moccasins wet (Spoiler : My feet did eventually get wet). As we were crossing the friend who I was with had brought a pomegranate for us to enjoy and decided to throw it across the creek as to not have to carry it and risk falling. The pom feel a little short of the shore and got caught up near the side in some rocks. As we kept hopscotching across the rocks we discovered that when we got to where we thought the pom was it had moved along. She said something like, "It will find it's way to us." At the time I remember thinking doubtful and quickly forgot about it as we continued our hike.

We talked about everything under the sun while waiting for the moon to emerge as we made our way to a giant rock that people often jump off of into the water. We sat for a while sometimes in silence, and other times talking and laughing about everything from lessons we have learned to what we were actively calling in or letting go of. My friend baptized herself completely in the water. A set of bats danced in the silver of the last bits of sunlight for us to witness. We meditated upon things we would let die so we could live in the fullness of our beings. It was already a magical hike & evening. As we made our way back in the last rays of the dusky sunlight. We decided to cross at the point we had seen others cross a few hours earlier. As we took our first few precarious steps in the near darkness I hear a squeal and up suddenly in the air gripped in my friends hand was the POMEGRANATE! It had effortless made it's way back to us and was waiting to serve as a magical reminder of all we had just been talking about. Life truly can be that easy when we let go and go with the current of life. 

Coming home we were buzzing off of being in nature, the water, and the story of the prosperous pom. My post full moon adventure leads me to ask this question. "How easy can we let it be? What can we let go of in order to experience more flow and ease?"

More about the mythology and magic of the POM...

Magickal Uses of Pomegranate

Ruler: Persephone, Astarte, Sekhmet
Type: Fruit
Magickal Form: Seeds, juice, outer skin
Symbolism: Blood, Journey into the underworld
Brings: Prosperity, protection, fertility, conception, wisdom

Strong traditions surround the pomegranate. In earth based traditions it is the sacred fruit of Persephone and represents her journey into the underworld. Much superstition revolves around the eating of the fruit. 

It is customary to eat three seeds on Samhain (Halloween) in remembrance of her journey; eating more than that is believed to bring hardship into the coming year. 

Another tradition stems from the Middle East where the fruit symbolizes wealth and fertility. Here the custom is to eat as much as possible in order to bring prosperity into the life. 

In the Egyptian legend of Ra and Hathor, Sekhmet was released by Ra to slay humans who were plotting against him. Made intoxicated by blood lust, she would have destroyed all of mankind if Ra had not taken pity on us. He tricked her by dyeing beer blood-red with pomegranate juice which she drank believing it to be human blood, and became drunk. She soon forgot her anger and we were saved from destruction

Pomegranate juice symbolizes the menstrual or wise blood of the goddess; to drink it is to gain her wisdom. Carry a dried piece of the outer skin or add it to spells for conception.

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