The Brunch Collective + Heart Centered Business

This is a story about the words we tell ourselves & how they build the lives we live in. Oh and following your heart...all of the time!

A few weeks ago I said YES to another first. I spoke about being a heart centered entrepreneur, but more so a heart centered woman and how that has changed my life. Here is what I learned by saying YES, even though I was scared!

- The stories we tell ourselves keep us locked in prisons; WHEN we have wings. Saying yes and following through, even in the midst of hear, helped me soar.

- Women need spaces where they can be heart-centric. Women have been told again and again to put away emotion and just focus on the messages from the head. It really occurred to me on deep level that creating space for heart, emotions, tears, and laughter is so needed. 

- Allowing your heart to guide you in business will never be a mistake. For me it has guided me into my true passion. When you are doing that you will always be wealthy.

- Women supporting women is beautiful! Being in a room full of women who believe in mutual support, even if the things they are working on are similar, is the wave of the future!

- If you are seeking something and you can't find it there is a golden opportunity for you to create. This is exactly what Shawanda did with

- Lastly, fear is my biggest partner in crime lately. Most of the fear I feel is not directly related to actually needing to run for my life. It has rather been an indicator to let me know I am entering new territory which is the souls very impulse. 

Big thank you to all the women who came out and shared and to Shawanda for giving me the opportunity to SAY YES! 


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