Crave Cast // Featuring Ayesha of TGM

I recently had a long awaited Skype date with Alex Jamieson. She is another of a fierce woman tribe that I have gotten to know on Instagram, after having giant girl crushes on them. I recorded an episode of her podcast called Crave Cast. She is doing a series of talks with powerful women. My heart skipped a beat when she read me the title. I was blown away by someone so steady & alive on her path giving the platform to other women to tell their stories. Women supporting women in action! You may recognize Alexandra Jamieson from Supersize Me, Oprah, The Huffington Post, and her bestselling book Women, Food, and Desire. We talked just like two old girlfriend's reconnecting about the imposter syndrome, what women are desiring, and much more. Click here to listen.

Ayesha Comment