— Leonardo DiCaprio

— Leonardo DiCaprio

With the ups and downs and levels life brings, I have been greatly blessed throughout it. I've seen my power with true manifestation. I know I can create the life that I want. However, there is a portion of my life at this moment which is not progressing. It has shown in more ways than one. In different situations and relationships/friendships.  I've had to ask myself "why", "what the hell is wrong with you", "do you need counseling", "what do you truly want, right now". 

I don't have the answer(s) just yet, but little charms are dropping daily to help me get those answers and to the next level. 

This gem here is one I've stumbled upon...How To Make Continual and Increasing Progress In Your Life.

"Life is a multiple act play. In each succeeding scene in the play of your life, you will act in different roles, have different supporting cast members, and take on new challenges.

Going from one scene to the next is a transition, involving loss and newness. Without question, change and transition are always difficult, if that change is real. It’s easy to become over-attached to a certain role you’ve played, perceiving that role as your identity. It’s painful realizing that various characters from previous scenes don’t make sense in the next scene, yet still you awkwardly try to fit them in." 

Each succeeding scene will look and feel different from the last. In some scenes, you’ll be on top of the world. In other scenes, you’ll be hanging on for dear life.

However, you as a person should continuously be growing and improving. In each successive scene, your time should be better spent, your character more refined, your work more meaningful, and your relationships more authentic."

 I hope it will also help anyone who may be having challenges with growth that's imperative for their next level. 

Shanda xo


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