Happy National Girlfriends Day!

Happy National Girlfriends Day! We here at The Girlfriend Manifesto salute you and your best lady friends, your ride or die, girl gang, sisterhood!
We are so glad to be women who have sisters, friends, daughters, Mother's and Grandmothers who all can relate to the lives of one another, because we share a common bond of being women.
Women with diverse lives and paths, yet a commonality that withstands all other perceived differences.
We can look into the eyes of another women and see the vastness of her experience.
We can hold space together and move mountains.
We are all coming back to our wildness in packs like wolves!
We do as we please and we support other women in doing the same.
We honor the strength and vulnerability it takes to go out into the world everyday shining your truth onto each person you meet.
We celebrate all of us, and we are an amazing, weird, wonderful, powerful, wild, graceful, roar loud like a lioness group that spans the globe, perceived time and space, and has brought life onto the planet.
Join hands sister, we are changing the way the earth lives with our every powerful decision. 

Ayesha Comment