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Most faith traditions including the early Christians believed in some type of reincarnation or past lives. For a belief to be so dominant it is something I heard almost nothing about until I started digging, and remembering.

The truth is a tricky lover. Not really. Actually she is straight forward and that is what puzzles so many people. I believe in universal truths and I have seen people be impacted by things they didn't even believe in. Like past lives. Illnesses gone after a past life regression. Relief from emotional patterns. The truth is not dependent on your belief. It just is. 

Dr. Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters) sealed the deal for me. Not sure if it was because he was sitting on Oprah's couch talking about how he came to believe, or if it was just the final cherry on top of many years of reading, remembering, and knowing that I have been here before and done this many MANY times. 

So when the opportunity arose for me to be able to go to *Sedona (had been on my travel/adventure list for a long time) to spend a weekend in the home of Regina Meredith Gaia TV host, and a woman I deeply admire for a weekend exploring past lives...I WAS ALL THE WAY IN.

I had read many books on past lives. Done a guided regression or two, or three, or a dozen on my own. Had some memory recall but mostly allowing myself to believe in this framework for life made so many other things make sense. Like my UBER vivid dream life, soul family recognition, and the phenomenon of deja vu - I knew places that I had never been before. 

As we gathered for the first night - Twelve "strangers" about to dive deep with the amazing guidance of Regina. We spent the first night doing a powerful mediation where we remembered what it felt like to be childlike and free and how much we have deviated from that innocence, power, and creativity. One of the things I love about Regina is that she is in no way putting her head in the sand and only covering the light side of spirituality and conscious transformation. She covers truthful topics that speak to the darkness - some may call it conspiracy but she is as astute and fact based as she is intuitive and connected. If you only stay in the light you cannot go past that point. Going down the rabbit hole of possibility has so many gifts - the biggest of which is seeing life in a new way. 

And gifts we all did receive. The second day we spent more time in meditation and together we went on guided group past life regression.  During the sharing on the second day I was blown away by how vivid and real the memories of my fellow journeyers were. We laughed, and cried, and had a million follow up questions. My memories were more subtle and I remembered being non physical but being able to soar on the wings of birds, or glide underwater with dolphins, and I found myself being a small boy with a gentle big guardian holding my hand. The evening end with a big viseral breakthrough when Regina brought in a special guest with a special talents. This I will leave in the circle - but I will say I got a reading and it made so many things in this lifetime click into place and make sense. 

I was able to free a lot of energy up by going on this exploration into the inner realms of consciousness and memory. I am a multi-dimensional being who has choosen to incarnate over and over again in assistance of consciousness and humanity. It was so powerful to come deeper into these knowings with Sedona as a background, guide, and very real alive energy. 


Books: Many Lives, Many Masters , Tibetan Book of the Dead

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