The 2018 Desire Map Planners are HERE!

"small, deliberate actions inspire by your true desires create a life you love." Danielle Laporte

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, "How do I stay accountable to my desires and dreams?" 

It was the question that fueled a lot of big change and ailment for me a few years back. That question paired with a system to work with -- has really worked for me. Enter the Desire Map Planner. I had the OG black planner a few years back and I'm happy to say I'm on the launch team for the 2018 planners and THEY ARE FREAKIN' FANTASTIC. 


  1. It's SEXY AF! Design matters. Team D get's that. No matter your style there is something that will inspire you even before you open it. It's like a beacon looking all sexy - asking you to remember what turns you ON.

  2. No matter if you need a daily or weekly planner you are covered. I will be working with the daily for 2018.

  3. It feels strong enough to hold my dreams. That may sound strange but I have held other planners in my hand and they felt flimsy. But the weight and feel is superb.

  4. Tabs are key for me. I love being able to easily open to the month and get an overview.

  5. A fortune cookie tab of the day. That's what I call it anyway. On each day their is a small tab that you can tear off with words like vibrant or impactful. A little piece of take-away magic that you can collect in a jar and pull for inspiration. Or hide in the pocket of your lover. Or leave in library books. It feels like a little daily piece of magic.

Wanna win a monthly Desire Map Planner? 

I'll be doing a giveaway on my Instagram and all the details will be posted on 7/14. 

Are you ready to feel the way you want to feel? 

I would be honored if you ordered your planner through my special link. 

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Stay tuned for more planner ideas, a video review, and my special giveaway. Let's make 2018 FEEL AMAZING!

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