New Podcast Alert: Dream Freedom Beauty (I was a guest)

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Natalie of Dream Freedom Beauty and the Self Care Club creates a beautiful space to connect our shared journey of becoming. Press play to hear us muse on:

  • How we are all conscious people who have to go through practical, everyday life
  • If you don’t feel it creatively and passionately, you won’t do it
  • Letting go of old ideas of who you are and what you’re capable of
  • Throwing a cog in the wheels of what’s expected of you
  • Redirecting your nervous energy before public speaking
  • Consciously connecting with cannabis and the spirit of cannabis
  • Cannabis as an ally for dealing with anxiety
  • Suspending disbelief when being introduced to something new
  • Letting passion come first, strategy second
  • Giving yourself permission to dream big
  • Accepting the inherent mess of the creative process

Natalie has incredible podcast archives. Show your support of the makers and free thinkers on this planet. It's so important!

Ayesha Comment