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Picture this. It’s summer solstice. A few days past the full moon and I’m celebrating 5 years of The Girlfriend Manifesto from Jamaica. Just a few days before all of these celestial destined events I was at home in Chattanooga with no plans to be on the beach or by sacred medicine but through a series of fortune events I won a last minute trip and I took it.

So I celebrated 5 years on the beach. 5 years of service. 5 years of expanding the scope of whats possible with and through this community. Here is the what I wrote with patchy wifi service from a wild place far away.

Dear Fam,
Today on the Summer Solstice,
The Girlfriend Manifesto turns five.
I had plans to announce programs I have been working super hard on and wanted to write something uber inspiring but here is where I am literally and figuratively.
I’m on a little island in Jamaica with spotty wifi but lots of deep connection. I arrived here after a series of fortune events knowing that I was being called to this land for a message. So far the biggest message has been accept the gift. Accept the gift of your gifts. Accept the gifts that are coming to you. Keyword: accept. Keyword: gifts.
So what is the universe trying to gift to you. Have you been asking for a sacred love but only wanting to accept it if it comes in a certain package? Have you been asking for help and not using the help that comes along?
The universe is trying to bless all of us. We must cultivate the eyes, hearts, and heads to discern this amazing fact. Start with gratitude for where you are today and what you have today.
Today I have 5 years of pouring myself into this community.
Today I have a deep sense of purpose that I didn’t when I started.
Today I celebrate 5 years of growth with you. Weather your know it or not you have seen me through the death of my mom, rebirth of my mom (more on this), getting unmarried, starting my own business, growing the reach of TGM by just being myself, and coming full circle to this moment of inception and more deeply understanding my impulse to create here.
That impulse is you. We are all connected and I feel you. Your desires. Your demand of yourself to wake up and see your own beauty and wholeness and power. I am here as a giant mirror for you. In community we heal faster, stronger, and more ourselves. My work is to create space for transformation. I get to do it in my wild, shy, creative, out of the box kinda way and I couldn’t be more excited about what I am learning to share with all of you.
Thank you for being here and for growing with me. Thank you for sending me so much love + being so willing lto share yourself here. To many more years of growth beauty, and joy. When I get back to wifi I have so much to tell you.

Thanks for being a part of the community. To celebrate I am LAUNCHING MY PAETREON on JULY 15th and everyone who signs up for updates will be entered to win 5 intuitive coaching sessions. You can use them all for yourself or gift one to a friend. Just put your info below. Winner chosen on July 31st.

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