The TRUTH about being yourself...

I am a champion of the cause. Telling myself and others to just be themselves. Encouraging living outside of the box. Not to worry...I haven't switched teams but I have come into a DEEPER understanding of what even saying this requires for me NOW, and really what an act of deviance it is to be you.

I have to go back for a moment before we can forward into the new belief. 

From the time we were all old enough to walk around most of our people in charge took care of us, loved us, and wanted us to be "anything we desired". Yet we got conflicting messages when we were told to alter our behavior in this setting or that. To keep quiet as to not rock the delicate balance of other people keeping quiet about what really made them light up as well. So we all put on masks, and we learned to be chameleons. Meanwhile we are all inside wanting to just break free.

Many of us hear this message "Be Yourself" from our own inner wisdom and many other places. We hear the message and we interpret it through our lens of people pleasing and we may be
"being ourselves" but it's also a very watered down version of that limitless unique being who looks back at you from the mirror everyday. 

It truly hit me how much I still water myself down when I saw this video by Kyle Cease.

Enjoy the video & leave a comment if anything comes up for you.



Ayesha Comment