The Magic of Butterfly Medicine

Butterflies have been showing up for me everywhere. It felt like an inner awareness that Spring is coming early and that life as I know it, was AGAIN about to shift. No biggie! I'm a pro at rolling with changes, but this one feels different! I have been clinging to life as I know it, even though everything is different. Last night on the full moon, I pulled a butterfly card and the words really helped ease me further into this big change. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did, "It takes faith to find yourself at this moment of rebirth. You have to let go of old forms, allow your former identity to fall away and trust the void. Did the caterpillar ever dream it would have wings? In trust it spins a dark canon in which it experiences a death of an old way of life and awaits transformation into new form. Surrender to this process and you will be rewarded with the birth of your dreams into form. It there anything as miraculous as the sight of newly formed wings of a butterfly unfurling? You could not have imagined the full beauty of your destiny. You can only grow into it. Do not imagine that the energy of rebirth is identical to the energy of infancy. The first flight of the butterfly is not an immature flight like that of a baby bird. The butterfly does not need the same time to work up courage and adjust to its new wings. It has already been through birth, growth and going within to release its early, immature version of itself. You have now transformed yourself into a mature whole expression. Get right down to the business of surrendering to your new life without delay or hesitation.



Ayesha Comment