Energy Exchange : HOW TO SUPPORT TGM

So many of you have asked for ways

to support The Girlfriend Manifesto.


First a few energetic principals. Money is energy. Energy is never destroyed but constantly being transformed.

I have given a lot of energy to The Girlfriend Manifesto over the last nearly 5 years and almost daily I receive notes and requests for how to give back to me. At first I shuttered and felt embarrassed by your requests but now I am claiming my ability to flow with the energy exchange. BOOM!

One of my goals this year is continued financial independence and being comfortable with money and being supported is something I am working on. So in that light here are some ways to send some energy my way.

  1. Good ole Venmo. I was reluctant to get on another thing but it has proved quite handy.

  2. At heart I’m just a PayPal friends and family kinda girl.

  3. Send some good juju. Close your eyes and picture a warm golden bubble with purple fiery edges. Now send that ball of love to me. (Mama earth will transmute any disturbances or low energy into more good. Not to worry!)

  4. I have a pretty hearty and diverse Amazon wishlist.

  5. I have a sweet little metaphysical shop here. Support is always appreciated.

Give how you feel called. Many thanks ahead of time to you and for all those angels who nudged me to do this…thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

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