Today Forecast 100% Chance of 11-11

Today Forecast 100% Chance of 11-11

February in 2016 is an 11 Universal Month.
11th of February is an 11 Universal Day.

11:11 awakens a bold move into the unknown. All month long (and especially on Thursday, February 11) you have faith that you can fly. You TRUST and make that move. Imagine being a little bird that must spread its wings and leave the comfort of it's home, the nest, and FLY for the very FIRST time.

11 is an invitation to jump. 

Take a leap through the 11:11 gateway. Like a miracle all conflict, all fear disappears. Your thoughts synthesize and come into BALANCE.

11 is the fusion of opposites - the door to to your divine destiny. 

Moving through the 11:11 gateway allows you to end conflict by letting go of thoughts that are battling each other in an imaginary battleground of your own making. 

By transcending indecision, you are saying – "I am FREE to play. I am FREE to explore. I am FREE to be me."

To not move forward is not an option anytime the "master number" 11 is activated...

11 is the new beginnings call-to-action.

If you don’t move, energy gets stagnant, and incompletion and tension permeate your life.

Accept how you feel - stop thinking - and surrender.

Separation and conflict end as soon as you make a decision to move forward. Division is created by the mind. Reality is not divided, but your mind can meddle and create the illusion of division. Acceptance and just BEING create wholeness.

Just as two lovers merge as one, 11 represents two opposites that move together as one.

11 = 1 + 1 = 2the balance of light and dark, feminine and masculine.

Just like night turns seamlessly into day and back into night again, the opposites within you need not be in conflict, but integrated with each other.

11:11 is a call to integrate all parts of you and become one.

Do everything with TOTAL conviction, total attention. 

Accept how you feel at any given moment. Don't judge your thoughts, keep moving forward. 

It's especially important in 2016, a 9 Universal Year of leadership through love, to trust how you FEEL.

In February, numbers 9 and 11 are creating a super strong urge to reinvent yourself, to feel your Truth and BEGIN exploring every moment refreshed and open. 

You must let go to allow miracles in.

As a spiritual being you integrate spirit into matter, you bridge heaven and earth every day. You have the power to invoke abundance at any time! Move to rhythm of joy and abundance! It is available to you in an instant.

11:11 is an instantaneous call to integrate joy.

Don’t hesitate – just move!

Allow the 11:11 moment to unfold in front of you.

Let go... and surrender. :) 

Love and Blessings,

Words by: Tania Gabrielle of Wealth Astro-Numerology

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