Last fall I was staying in a beautiful penthouse suite in sunny California visiting with my dear friend Sarah Durham Wilson. Who is known as DOITGIRL

Only it wasn't so sunny and we stayed in our robes and planned amazing things to grow, do, and offer to the world.

We dubbed it our heartstorm session. Instead of just calling it a brainstorm. Really it was somewhere in the middle, but I love and have since used the term heartstorm frequently.

A heartstorm uses the most powerful force on the planet to navigate life, love, career, and everyday life. People often ask me can they pick my brain on everything from relationships, career, decorating, design, matters of spirit, and so much more. It truly is one of my favorite things to do. What is better than sitting down with a hot cup of tea and dreaming, asking questions, and formulating a passionate plan.

Well now it is one of my offerings. Head on over if you have ever wanted to pick my heart and brain!

In Awe & Abundance,


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