I wrote down two words recently...holy and rebellion. I had been using both of them excessively this year.  But not yet in union.

Rebellion to explain the plethora of ways we as women, and as a society can take our power back. I experienced on a deep level what that means and how I can be a part of something bigger than myself using the vehicle (my body and voice) that I was loaned at birth. 

Rebellion is embracing the power of your ordained and holy spiritual gifts. (I am only just beginning to grasp how vast this is. The reality of it would blow any Sci-Fi movie out of the water!)

Rebellion is self love.
Rebellion is compassion.
Rebellion is cooperation.
Rebellion is reaching across lines of race, gender, and any perceived differences to go, "Oh, yeah we all have hearts that beat, and hurt, and love."
Rebellion is desire.
Rebellion is PUSSY. (Thanks @mamagena)
Rebellion is becoming who you are in a world where you are constantly being asked to be something other then that.
Rebellion is questioning. 
The Rebellion never ends.

& the word holy. Holiness is not the stuffy word most of us grew up thinking it was.

Holiness has a fowl mouth.
Holiness makes mistakes.
Holiness get horny.
Holiness has doubts.
Holiness is hungry for experiences.
Holiness is the deepest truth of who we are at every moment.
Holiness is a never ending cloque of light that has and will always be with you.
In union holy rebellion is the path towards limitlessness.
In union holy rebellion is an expression of what it means to be human and holy.
In union holy rebellion is for those who are committed to doing the "hard and holy things"

In union HOLY REBELLION is a multi-media series I will introduce to this delicious community and the world on 1-11-17.

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