uncover your (heart felt) passion :: online class



uncover your hidden and not so hidden passions.

lets us come together for the glorious purpose of uncovering what you love! in case you don't know why this is important or weren't following this instagram thread here are my top 5 reasons for digging around in your heart, brain, and subconscious to see what you love.

  1. when you know what you makes you tick you waste less time on things you don't love.
  2. your life long purpose may be wrapped up in the guise of 'what stops time' for you.
  3. know thyself is an ancient proverb. can't fuck with the a timeless message!
  4. when you do what you love your physiology changes. (aka stress reliever)
  5. people who know themselves are magnets for good things.

so join me in a lively group council to uncover + discover your talents. one part oprah approved questions. one part deep meditation to uncover things you loved since you we're a kiddo but maybe forgot about. one part group lead experience. Check out what you get below and sign up today.

  • Investment: $19.99 for a live 2 hour (+recorded) class
  • Sep 30 SUN at 1:00 PM EST

  • 12 person max (If you don't make the first twelve I am happy to add 1-2 more classes.)
  • Uncover your passions PDF + live class + recording

Questions? Use THIS contact form.

Payment secures your spot. ↓

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