The Presence Process is Changing My Life!


The little book that could. That would be my nickname for this simple yet profound book on healing and how to enter the present moment. Don’t scroll away. I promise it won’t be a vanilla journey.

If you have heard of A Course in Miracles or The Power of Now this should also be on your bookshelf or in your hands. It is clear to me that Michael Brown lives his “dogma” if present moment awareness can even be called a dogma. He shows through his physical healing journey a delicious and sometimes challenging entry point into present moment awareness. He offers tools, gentle perspective shifts, and unique language to help you understand what gifts await this type of awareness.

I dabbled with the book and the program a few years back after listening to some of his Youtube videos and found myself being really refreshed and appreciative of his simple and grounded approach. He didn’t turn this into a program where he taught coaches because the book is a program and his estimation the self guided journey is one we all are required to master. He shuns “shiny” spiritual approaches instead giving a guide that anyone can use with free tools like breath, empowering questions found in the book which is a 10 wee program, and other emotional and physical techniques.

I am embarking on the entire 10-week experience in cultivating present moment awareness currently. I invite you to join me. His book can be found on all the major bookseller sites. Here are a few excerpts that I hope you will find compelling. The journey into self acceptance always begin IN THIS MOMENT.

By habitually dwelling in a mental state, which allows us to project our attention into these illusory places of the past and future, we miss out on the authentic physical and emotional experience that’s happening right now. We are all but oblivious to the only moment that contains all the vibrancy and fullness of what life is. We think we’re living, but we’re actually merely existing. We think we’re moving forward, but in reality we’re spinning in circles.
— The Presence Process
This mental condition of “living in time” – relentlessly running from yesterday and frantically chasing tomorrow, without rest and stopping to feel peaceful – is the predicament that The Presence Process addresses and soothes. By assisting us to recognize the cause of our predicament, this procedure provides us with a method and the perceptual tools to find our way out of our dilemma. It throws us a rope of awareness and empowers us to pull ourselves out of our distraction by past and future, allowing us to return to the only solid, safe, and peaceful ground – the present.
— The Presence Process
A joyful, healthy, and abundant life is pouring itself upon us all right now. However, when we “live in time,” the vessel we really are is upended. In this upside down state, we mistakenly spend our experience trying to get something instead of simply receiving that which is already and eternally given. Present moment awareness isn’t a concept – it’s an experience. It’s an effortless way of being, and it’s our birthright.
— The Presence Process
Through The Presence Process, we awaken to an experience of the benefits of conscious repetition. When approached consciously and consistently, routine becomes what the structure of the word reveals – our route in.
— The Presence Process