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Relationship Oracle Reading // 5 Card Spread + Healing Activation

Hi, friends. Being in Oracle school while simultaneously getting a slew of new oracle decks + doing readings for events and with as well as for friends has inspired me to offer fans of The Girlfriend Manifesto relationship 5 card oracle readings. 

About The Reading

Looking out in the world you would be lead to believe that relationships are doomed. Women's Rights are being threatened; and the main perpetrators are men. The very same men in our lives, our neighborhoods, our churches, our very own houses. Divorce rates are high. Mens and women's roles are being polarized and synthesized by certain balding presidental hopefuls. But you know another story, a higher dimension of thought and belief. You see the men in your life shifting. You FEEL the DIVINE FEMININE PULSING BETWEEN YOUR THIGHS. You see the inner fires lite by Kali. You see your outer world crumbling. You are sensing this tender new space. But you must die to the old. Release. Let go for soon you will take flight like the Phoenix. You know heaven is possible and it's right here; right now.

This reading is for you. You are maverick. maven. illuminated. juicy. goddess. self caring. tired of your own bullshit. full of love, and hate, and confusion, and perfection (all at the same fucking time). you feeel your feelings and release. continually releasing. grounded. alive. real. 

The Details

  • Video or Audio session recording of my reading for you
  • A healing activation affirmation to balance the energies of the reading
  • Harmonious* Donation to me here (*Paypal donation for the reading)
  • Upon Donation you will receive an email promptly asking you a series of simple questions
  • After questionnaire is recieved expect delivery of reading in 24-48 hours
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