Potent Questions For Spring

In the springtime, the Earth is waking up from her dream and everything bursts forth to grow. Think about the flowers and trees, how they awaken and come back to life in the spring. The rains fertilize Mother Earth and help the process of spring evolve. Water also fertilizes the hearts of humans causing the flower of the heart, the “tutu” to open, so we can become wiser and more beautiful. Our heart is dormant during the winter like everything in nature – resting. This is a good thing. It is being charged up to awaken and arise in the spring; as the earth is waking up, we too, wake up.

Spring brings back the power of light. Light, the relationship of the sun to the earth, is what helps define the seasons. Light has the effect of awakening both the Earth and people. The sun gives light to the earth. Light activates chemicals that promote love. Love is the power of springtime, and as Mother Earth wakes up, she exudes that love. The energy of love is thus reborn in the spring.
— Brant Secunda


  1. What feels dead and stagnant in your life?

  2. What feels new and exciting?

  3. What area(s) of your home need spring cleaning? In Feng Shui when you move 27 things the energy of the home shifts.

  4. Who or what was a big theme for winter?

  5. Who can you forgive?

  6. What seeds do you want to plant in Spring?

  7. Who or what feels like the sun in your life?

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