Journey to Burning Man

Where does a journey begin? Perhaps it has been happening all along. I like to believe that. It feels so right.

So this journey to Burning Man has been happening EXACTLY all my life, on 8/8/16 the day I found out I got a ticket in the lotto, and the day my friend asked me (probably back in 1998-1999) had I heard of this thing called Burning Man.

I guess a part of me knew I was set to go and the final leg of the journey was epic indeed.

I want to share some NOTES FROM THE PLAYA - as I affectionately began calling the copious amount of writing I did, psychedelic infused texts, and audio notes I took while at Burning Man. 

First! The Photographic Proof

Next! A few Videos

Like any other peak moment you have it's mostly experiential. It lives inside of you. Every word I use to describe it can hardly be in the same room with the actual experience. Having expressed that. This is my best attempt.

As I headed out on this journey. The only goal I quickly set was, "FALL IN LOVE WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE." The one piece of advice that was given to me by someone who made that list was, "FOLLOW YOUR HEART."

So that I did. At first she was terrified. My heart that is. It's that sort of feeling when you get to a new place or experience and you think, "Oh my what have I done." In my case this moment happened in a line of cars waiting to get into Black Rock with dust somehow seeping into every available orifice of the RV we were in. I use orifice purposely because I would later experience dust in every imaginable region of my person. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst. My OH-MY-NESS was probably a two or three. So on most levels I was game for anything that would come up.

My first half an hour happened at Sunset on Sunday evening. Between howls and yips and loud bangs from massive vehicles spewing fire into the air. A part of me indeed felt home.

The rest of the week this feeling of HOME would come in giant waves. The resistance of the dust or heat and then being overtaken by some of the most beautiful moments, things, and humans I had eve laid my eyes on.

This place. This created city. Is so otherworldly that the immediate feeling I had is... "Well... I'm ruined! My life and dream life have to get EVEN more awesome to top this. I got that big time on the Playa. The way we all resist our brilliance in order to play it safe.

That life.

This thing.

Wants more for us then we can even imagine. 

But this place is a good start. A good place to imagine the heights of what may be possible when 2 or more, or 70,000 gather. 

I think the family that comes together for this crazy experiment are called to expand their own lives. Their quest for recognizing freedom, a different kind of knowing, a different kind of planet, a deeper love, their and our own brilliance...and to get naked, take a bunch of drugs, party all night, and do some weird shit -- and be okay with it. 

The great thing about Burning Man is that you get to pick your experience. The desert humbles you to it's forces and although you may have plans. It also HAS plans for you.

It planned for me to forgive, wear my heart on my sleeve, let all the parts of my complicated self come home, learned to GO WITH MY FLOW, LET GO of people/things/ideas that were asking to be released, and to connect with more deeply with my intuitive knowingness, and to experience some new plant medicine.

I laughed. I cried. I thought I may need to *go home on Wednesday in the midst of a total white out (*apparently that happens to most people), I reached ecstatic states with my breath, I biked sooo many miles (I wish I knew how  many), I felt so taken care of by my camp, I danced alone under the stars, I wrote a mini book, I watched a giant effigy burn, I met some of the most creative minds, I saw art that just blasted my heart open, I texted messages to all my friends & family who I missed, and I came home to myself.

It was a week not to be forgotten. It created a new spaciousness in my heart and my life. I remembered that their is an easy button, I feel in love with the Pacific Northwest, I re-kindled an old friendship, I meet a lot of people I will not soon forget.

And last but not least. I feel in love with a bunch of new amazing humans.  



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