A YES Fast

"I am in YES recovery. Like many humans, many women, I am a people pleaser. Can I be there at noon? Sure can! Will I bring three hundred bucks in foreign currency? Absolutely! Will I also promise to help a friend move, be late meeting them because I also agreed to babysit another friend's sick rabbit, then disappoint everyone in the process? I sure will! 'No' is a word that could have served me well many times, but I didn't ever feel I had the right to use it." + Lena Duhnam


A week ago I went on a YES fast. I said no and unsubscribed from dozens of newsletters, deleted 40K emails, and turned off my screens. I had said YES to a million different things, and was feeling overwhelmed with ideas. I was unable to clearly tap into what I desired. I like Lena had been confronted with all the ways in which I people please. It had touched every piece of my life including my inbox. 

In the span of a week saying NO has created a spaciousness that I have desired. A time to get clear before saying another YES. A fuck yes, is better than a thousand lukewarm...half-ass yes'.

So here's to all my people using the word NO more in their lives!

Ayesha Comment