Women, You Are Beautiful!

Women you are beautiful.

Your curves.

Your lines.

Your stretch marks.

You small, large, *beaver tail titties. (Bow down to Bridget for that hilarious phrase)

Your body in all of its phases. Like the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

But so many of us loathe our bodies. 

I have known women who have been dieting for the entirety of our friendships. (10 years!!!)

A nip here, a tuck here. With the notion that we do these things for ourselves.

To feel better. We risk being cut and going in to surgery.

In the same breathe everyone should be doing exactly what they want to be doing.

But without examine the reasons why women go to such great lengths to not “age” or grow.

Why some young boys have never seen a body that has not been augmented?

Why plastic surgery is the new lunch hour obsession?

Why women bodies are altered or photoshopped, when buy public standards they are beautiful and acceptable? 

When will we say enough!

That our bodies are sacred and won’t be used to sell beer, a cell phone, or a car.

We shall reclaim our sacred vessel and proclaim that we love it!




Ayesha Comment