Life On Your Terms

Living life on your terms is the ultimate success!

It's not about a degree, or a wedding, a big house, or anything else that society, your parents, or your circle says is the next thing to do. It may include those but you will arrive at that by an urging from your soul and not from any place else. 

It may seem as though you are struggling against the current to just be yourself, and strive for your own definition of success in your life. The truth of the matter is that you probably are, and the more of us who break free the easier it becomes.

Imagine being in a body of water and trying to swim against the current to cross to the other side. Now imagine a group of people holding hands and forming a chain in the water. It will make it easier for the next person to cross over into freedom and life on their terms.

So it's our duty to be in our truth and to define success in the way that our soul longs for. So today I asked myself, "How can I create more truth and openness in my life?" I wrote three simple steps and today I will take action on one of them.

In Awe & Abundance!


Ayesha Comment