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Sisterhood. Adventure. Self-Love.Spirituality. 

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Women gathered together in sisterhood creates a potent cocktail of connection, transformation, and heart energy. That power produces waves of radical healing to all who encounter it!

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Adventure is an essential ingredient for the wild woman. When she feels her inner light being dimmed by routine and obligation she must shake her shackles off and fly free for a while.  

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Start with yourself if you want to change the planet. Perfection is not required. Messy is beautiful. Magic happens when your prioritize that inner voice that whispers, "Take care of me."

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There is an energy that lives in and around all things. The unceasing force that open flowers and beats hearts is a mystery that each day we get to unfold. 

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Wild Heart.
Creative. Unabashedly woman.

The Girlfriend Manifesto is the creation of Ayesha Ophelia. She is a self described complicated woman with a burning desire to see women living their wildest dreams.

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